10X Mobilux LED Illuminated Pocket Magnifier


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Product Description

  • No. 1511-10 Mobilux Aspheric LED Illuminated Hand Held Magnifier, 10x Magnification, 38 D Diopter, 35mm Lens Diameter The complete Mobilux Magnifier Edtion you will find on Amazon see picture 3 !
  • A comfortable, ergonomic handle with a large, easy-to-operate ON/OFF switch A battery compartment that uses high quality springs that makes changing the batteries a snap, and a cover that opens and closes easily
  • SMD LEDs that are completely enclosed to eliminate possible damage
  • Snap-on yellow filters allow users to choose between a bright white or soft yellow light
  • A complimentary protective case that protects the lens cover and 2 AA batteries – Made in Germany

Additional Information

Weight 0.440 lbs
Dimensions 279.4 x 76.2 x 381 mm


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